Penn Care 1 Corp – General Order Supplier

About Us


PennCare1 Corp is a small business started in March 2023 with the goal of providing a myriad of goods and supplies to DoD Agencies, DoD Reservations, and military installations. We specialize in small orders and are committed to excellent service for our State, Federal and DoD clients.


To provide a wide variety of supplies and materials to DoD Agencies, Reservations, and military complexes through excellence in service, on-time deliveries, and at a fair and competitive market price.

Core Values

PennCare1 Corp is dedicated to providing a wide variety of supplies and materials to DoD while maintaining excellence in service and a full committal to ensuring the most stringent ethical standards and practices.



Mr. Raza Naqvi, President and CEO of PennCare1 Corp, has a Master’s Degree from State University of New York, in Global Financial Systems and holds an undergraduate degree in Business/Statistics. He is a highly knowledgeable businessman who has 25 years of experience in logistics, sales and distribution of materials in the following industries:

  • Health Care
  • Food Industry
  • Information Technology (Computers – All Software and Hardware)
  • Medical Industry – Supplies and Equipment
    Office Furniture and Equipment (printers, etc.)
  • Mechanical (Tools and Equipment)
  • Uniforms
  • Furniture, including bedding
  • Construction Materials

Our Team specializes in finding the best products at a reasonable and fair market price and delivery of goods and services.